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THE Cardigan

Cardigans are versatile pieces for wear throughout the year. When we were designing our cardigan, we knew it had to: ・ Feel soft on the skin ・ Use material which wouldn’t sag ・ Feel light when worn. By using jersey knit, the most basic of knitting techniques, we could make full use of the knitting machine’s capabilities, and we carefully fine-tuned the thread thickness, the blend used in the yarn, and the gage (the stitch size) of the knitting machine.

Even our knitting machine was specially selected. We’ve used a German machine normally used by a company which specializes in knitted stoles. Using this machine we can produce fabric with a beautiful surface which is also highly stretchy. We also emphasized the beauty of the knit surface by creating larger than normal fashioning marks (the marks created by increasing or decreasing stitch numbers) at the neck and arm holes of the cardigan.

We’ve used a cotton-cashmere blend for the yarn (85% cotton, 15% cashmere). This blend feels smooth on the skin, and refreshingly cool in the summer. The inclusion of cashmere means that this piece is quite light as well.

To create a piece which wears beautifully, we used the special wrap and turn technique in the sleeves of this cardigan. With this we created elbow darts, which allow this seemingly simple piece to curve to fit to the shape of the body. We produce this piece in the Jiangsu providence of China at Wuxi Fashion Co. Ltd., a company known for manufacturing pieces for various luxury brands around the world.  
Size : XS・S・M・L・XL

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  • GRAY
    1004-1029-200- 11XS/12S/13M/14L
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    1004-1029-201- 11XS/12S/13M/14L
    1004-1029-202- 11XS/12S/13M/14L