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THE Chino

Chino pants are a type of trousers made with a cotton/polyester blend twill fabric called "chino cloth."
The style spread quickly across the globe in the first half of the 20th century for military use. Even now, it is an indispensable item in both military wear/work wear and as fashion.
Chino pants are everywhere.
We aimed to create chino pants that - while refined in a sense - are sturdy and create a sense of familiarity the more you wear them.
We requested the fabric be made by Kowa Company, Ltd. - a company which began as a cotton cloth wholesaler with a history spanning over 120 years - using extra-long staple Peruvian Pima cotton as the raw material.
The luster of extra-long staple cotton speaks to the quality of the material; with its threads that are unlikely to raise fuzz, that luster will remain wash after wash.
The dye used is a botanical variety.
Botanical dye refers to dye made from natural sources, such as the petals, leaves, bark, roots, or fruit of plants, or from minerals. Here they are used with a method that keeps color loss to a minimum.
In general, the color of natural dyes does not hold very well, resulting in fading immediately upon washing. However, with botanical dyes, the introduction of a sort of glue made from protein that binds the dye to the fibers increases the robustness of the color. By introducing just a small amount of stable artificial dyes, that robustness is further reinforced. Another feature of this process is that through the combination of two dyes with different colors and characteristics, a more complex and deep range of colors emerges.
The main ingredient used by THE Chino in its natural dyes is myrobalans (Combretaceae family), the fruit of a tree native to Southeast Asia. Myrobalan flesh is protected by an extremely hard shell which has led to the fruit being associated with "self-protection and avoidance of danger," and is a traditional ingredient for use in chino pants.
Color : KAHKI Size : 28・30・32・34(inch)

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