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This cleaning cloth was created using THE SPONGE cloth that has the amazing ability to clean up even oily messes using only water.
Unlike a sponge, the major advantage of THE CLEANING CLOTH is that it can be used in the optimum size for the application.
Not only can it be spread out or folded but because cut edges do no fray, it can also be cut with scissors to any desired shape.
Size: 42cm x 21cm
When washing, this cloth conforms tightly to dishes and cooking utensils. When folded it is optimum for cleaning a wide range of surfaces including mirrors, windows, and bathtubs. this cloth removes dirt, grease, and other messes when just dampened with water, so there is no need for double wiping to remove soap or other cleaners. The thinness of this cloth can be used to advantage in many applications by cutting it into small pieces to reach tight spaces such as electronic instrument cables, keyboards, and grooves in the soles of shoes.
The cloth’s most distinguishing factor is the specially formulated synthetic rubber it contains, which when soaked in water, gives it super absorbency and strong frictional force.
This specially formulated synthetic rubber is a balanced mixture of two contrasting types of rubber: high oil-absorbing general-purpose latex rubber and moderately adhesive polar polymer latex. It is poured into the sponge in liquefied form and then hardened by letting it dry, which makes the fibers stick together and helps prevent the sponge from fraying and wearing down easily. For this reason, THE CLEANING CLOTH has been counted on to clean in the harshest of environments where sponges are used repeatedly throughout the day.
<Recommended Usage >

・Use together with The Magic Water, a surprising multi-cleaner that removes grease and oil using only water as the ingredient, to achieve a synergistic effect that provides excellent cleaning power. Dampening this cloth well by spraying it with cleaner makes it possible to completely absorb the dirt without leaving any cleaner film or suds, so there is no need for secondary wiping.

[Material]100%COTTON (Processing:Synthetic rubber latex coated)
[Dimension]approximately 420×210mm
[Heat Resistant]100℃
[Usage Precautions]
・Cut edges do not fray.
・Rubbing too hard could cause rough or sharp areas on the object being cleaned to catch on the mesh and tear this cloth. Further, if the fibers on the surface are cut it could lead to sudden fraying that damages this cloth, so do not use it to clean objects with sharp edges or pointed protruding objects.
・This cloth is impregnated with special synthetic rubber so it can remove dirt with gentle rubbing, but for hard to remove messes, such as caked on grease, use this cloth together with a small amount of cleaner or The Magic Water.
・After using this cloth wring it out well and leave it to dry.

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  • 420×210mm lot:10
    500 yen +tax