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The Cooking Paper

From home cooking to professional cuisine, cooking paper is becoming an indispensable item. However, in the process of creating “THE COOKING PAPER,” we discovered that there were many ways that cooking paper could be improved. Most cooking paper can’t withstand water, may leave fiber fragments on food, and frequently use resin-based adhesives to make them stronger.

With “The Cooking Paper” we were able to achieve drastic improvements by focusing on the material and construction. While most cooking paper is made of paper material made from pulp, “The Cooking Paper” is made of non-woven fabric. In addition, the sheet is a three-layered structure of pulp sandwiched by rayon, which combines the “water retention capacity/ absorbency” of the short fiber pulp and the strength of the long fiber rayon. Because of this structure, it will not tear easily and will quickly absorb water and oil. It can be used for lining fried food, straining vegetables and squeezing wet ingredients in cooking techniques such as “shiomomi” and “chakinshibori”. Its intricate fiber structure catches even the smallest debris, making it useful for straining oil etc. Manufactured using the technology of “tosawashi,” it is made with 100% natural-based fibers without the use of any resin-based adhesives and is safe to use directly on food.

The oblong box was designed so that it could be placed both horizontally and vertically. The relatively large opening makes it easier for wet hands to pull out sheets from the box. Sized slightly larger than a person’s hand, each large sheet is 250mmx230mm and each box contains 60 sheets.

“The Cooking Paper” is manufactured by The Sanwa Seishi Co., Ltd. Group who makes many high quality products out of non-woven fabric, incorporating the paper making technique of “tosawashi”. Use it once and you’ll be convinced; it’s an item that will no doubt come in handy.


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    800 yen (+tax)