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THE DAY PACK is born from a collaboration with EASTPAK®, which created the global standard for day packs, “PADDED PAK'R.”
PADDED PAK'R is a timeless masterpiece that was released in 1976 and is still loved all over the world even now, after more than 40 years. It has a highly durable and simple structure as well as pattern constitution unique to EASTPAK®, which manufactured duffel bags for the US army since its establishment.
PADDED PAK'R can be said to be the origin of day packs, along with Kelty, which was derived from backpacks for climbing. This tough workmanship has been inherited and its functionality further developed in the form of a day pack which can be called THE.
True to its name, THE “DAY” PACK, we focused on the method of storing “things to carry around for one whole day.”
We exhausted our imagination coming up with items that might be brought carried around for one whole day and measured the sizes of items each representing one of them. From there, we set a capacity that would be able to precisely store everything.
On top of that, we separated the entire pack into four compartments to make it easy to store and remove each item efficiently.
The main compartment is split mainly into the top shelf, middle shelf, and bottom shelf,
・the top-shelf compartment that has the height to store outerwear and small books (Diagram ①)
・the middle-shelf compartment that was designed for the purpose of storing wallets, pencil cases, planners, and so on (Diagram ②)
・the bottom-shelf compartment designed with a lower height for the purpose of storing hand towels, tissue packets, plastic bottles, and so on (Diagram ③)
In addition to this structure, the side closest to the spine has a compartment that can perfectly fit laptops and A4-sized documents.
Also, when storing large items, the dividers for the top to bottom-shelf compartments can be unzipped to be released, creating one large compartment.
Other than improving the storage abilities, we have made it possible to make effective use of the space at the top, which tends to be wasted in day packs, and even when there are few items to store, the dividers play the role of a spine, preventing the structure from collapsing.
The front side of the shoulder straps come with a slit to store smart cards and a sunglasses holder.
As for the fabric, similar to PADDED PAK'R, which boasts such durability than a 30-year warranty is provided, EASTPAK®’s original nylon is used. The resin coating on the underside creates sturdiness while the surface is treated to repel water, ensuring that drizzles will not wet the items inside. Consideration has also been given to the comfort of the user, with thick pads used in the shoulder straps.
A new standard for day packs has been born, with developed functionality and the ability to withstand rough everyday use.

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  • BLACK 20.5L
    22,000 yen+ tax〜