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It can be argued that the epitome of “THE” soccer cleat is “Para Mexico” by Puma, a long selling hit since it was first introduced in 1986. These cleats made of kangaroo leather boasting an excellent fit have enthusiasts ranging from junior high school students to professional soccer athletes. Many of Japanese have heard of the “Para Mexico” because it was once worn by “King” Kazu (Kazuyoshi Miura).

“THE FUTSAL SHOES” uses the same upper design as the famous “Para Mexico”, while replacing the spikes with a Futsal-type sole packed with the newest technology.

  • Sold exclusively at “THE SHOP”, Marunouchi KITTE 4F, and Soccer Shop KAMO – Puma Football Shop, Shibuya store

  • This product is no longer available

  • Form
  • History
  • Material
  • Function
  • Price
  • Size: 25.0cm – 28.0cm
    17,000 yen (+tax)