New Brand


“THE GLASS,” which is available in 3 sizes, short, tall and grande, is a “THE” hit item. It is durable, has a smooth drinking edge and is easy to wash and hold. This versatile glass is made of the thickest heat-resistant glass (thermal shock resistance of over 120 degree Celsius), making it suitable for both cold and hot drinks.  
“THE GLASS SLEEVE” is a cup sleeve made of cowhide designed specifically to make drinking hot beverages in “THE GLASS” more enjoyable. By using chrome tanning on cowhide, which is a process commonly used on clothing and shoes, we were able to create soft leather with a higher resistance to heat, water and scratch marks. It fits “THE GLASS” perfectly and one can hold hot drinks with ease. Although it’s made of leather, it is hard to see any marks and is therefore, great for daily use.  
Leather, however, has a distinct and noticeable smell. We took this into consideration along with the fact that “THE GLASS SLEEVE” would come into close contact with one’s mouth and nose when choosing the leather material. We also limited the use of strong chemicals.  
“THE GLASS SLEEVE” is perfect for enjoying a warm drink at home or taking a break at the office. There are 2 sizes available: one fits “THE GLASS SHORT” and the other fits “THE GLASS TALL/GRANDE”.  

  • Form
  • History
  • Material
  • Function
  • Price
    1,800 yen (+tax)
    2,000 yen (+tax)