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Washing one’s hands ─ a daily routine.
At our company, we believe that “THE” ultimate hand soap must be one that is gentle on the skin and friendly to the environment.
One aspect we focused upon was the amount of soap that is dispensed in a single pump.
A typical hand soap product dispenses approximately 1.0mL of liquid soap with each pump. In contrast to this, THE HAND SOAP discharges approximately 0.75mL. The amount of soap used with each pump was decreased by approximately 25%. There is a tendency to worry that with less soap, it would be more difficult to wash off the grime. However, the fine bubbles of soaps are able to get into the nooks and crannies of the hand and thoroughly clean it.
We believe that by limiting the amount of soap dispensed in a single use and by using the minimum necessary ingredients in producing it, we are contributing to the well-being of both people and nature.
In order to decrease the stinging sensation experienced in using typical soaps, THE HAND SOAP has been made without the use of alcohol, anti-bacterial solutions or coloring agents. The moisturizing and cleaning solutions used are all natural ingredients. Even after rinsing THE HAND SOAP off with water, the skin will retain its moistness.
By opting to use fragrance-free ingredients, our product gives a peace of mind to those who worry of scents transferring onto foods during cooking and those who are concerned of what comes into contact with children’s hands during washing.
The product contains 500mL of hand soap liquid. Assuming that in a day a family of 3 uses it to wash their hands twice during the morning and evening, 1 soap dispenser will last for approximately 3 months.
Our company is stubbornly committed to creating “THE” ultimate products. It is with this spirit in our breasts that we have realized a hand soap that produces dense bubbles that allows for comfortable use and leaves moisture on the skin; a soap that is gentle on both the environment and people.
Based in Shonan, Chigasaki, we are a company that continues to develop “The Laundry Detergent”, a detergent that can clean any fabrics and is made from 100% bio-degradable ingredients. In developing this product, we strive to improve water quality and to contribute to the nature conservation movement.
A hand soap has been born, made from natural ingredients that can be used on a daily basis with a peace of mind and comfort.

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  • 500mL lot:1
    2,350 yen+ tax