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THE Jeans Stretch for Regular

Our jeans have over 100 years of history, having spread from their beginnings as workwear for American laborers to their present-day status as a staple fashion item.
THE Jeans Stretch make use of stretch material that could never have existed using the technology of that time. A product of the latest weaving technology, the main feature of this material is how it displays outstanding stretchiness while maintaining a beautiful faded, vintage appearance.
These jeans are manufactured by Kuroki Co., Ltd. of Ibara City, Okayama, a region famous for its denim production.
We use indigo thread in our weaving. We make use of the old technique of rope dyeing, in which thread is twisted together and dipped in dye, which leaves the inside of the thread untouched by the dye, retaining its original white color. As a result, as the surface of the jeans is rubbed away, the white color beneath is quickly revealed.
This phenomenon is what produces the faded look of denim.
These jeans beautifully transform over time, with enthusiastic fans willing to pay large sums for precious vintage articles as a result.
The pattern for these jeans is based on late 60s vintage Levis.
Originally designed as workwear, denim initially had a wide cut for ease of movement, but by the late 60s it had become more fashion-oriented, forming the foundation for the modern straight cut.
In order to create our pattern, we dissected and analyzed the denim of that era. Since vintage denim acquires unique patterns of wear over decades of use, it’s impossible to tell what the pattern looked like back then just by cutting them open, but we used this as the foundation in our search for a new pattern for our straight cut jeans.
We treat our products in two ways.
The first is the vintage wash. Here, the Okayama denim artisans grind, dye and top the denim over and over again with their bare hands. Performed with enough care, this results in jeans that look just as if they have already been worn for many years.
The second is the non-wash. Here, the natural weave of the denim material is preserved as-is. Applying starch makes the denim firm, and through the years begins to display the unique character of the person who wears them.
VINTAGE WASH 25,000 yen +tax
NON-WASH 18,000 yen +tax

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