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Not only is “THE LAUNDRY DETERGENT” developed for the users, this detergent boasts low environmental impact. Detergents are 100% biodegradable and when dumped into rivers as waste, it is decomposed into water and carbon monoxide by the microorganisms that habit the ecosystem. The average laundry detergent takes a month for complete biodegrading after flowing into the ocean. However, in the case of “THE LAUNDRY DETERGENT” 94% is broken down in just one day, and is then fully decomposed by the 7th day.
The reason lies on the fact that our product contains only 1/9.5 of the surface-active agent that is found in the generic laundry detergent. It is often said that grease removal is less efficient with detergents with low amounts of surface-active agents. However, with the micronized particles of the agent deriving from the nanotechnology developed from preventing Oil Tanker spillages, we were able to achieve a high level of cleansing power with minimal amount of surface-active agents.
Only one teaspoon (5ml) of detergent is necessary per load. Using only a third of detergent required per cycle is another reason this product has lower environmental impact than the generic laundry detergent.
The pH neutral cleaner, can be used on a variety of fabrics including cotton, silk, wool, down, and even on rain gear made from waterproof fabric.
Due to its swift decomposition, the removed oil and grease will not re-aggregate to cause additional stains, while also maintaining clean and odorless sewage pipes.
By diluting “THE LAUNDRY DETERGENT” with water 1:4 in a spray bottle, the product becomes an all-purpose cleaner that can be used to clean bathtubs, sinks and toilets.
“THE LAUNDRY DETERGENT” is manufactured by Ganko Honpo based in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa prefecture.
“THE LAUNDRY DETERGENT” is a gentle laundry detergent of high quality that is mindful of the water that circulates our earth, starting from the household wastewater.

*1 : Inspected under Japan Industrial Standards (JIS K 3362)
*2 : Reference for every 3kg of laundry washed with 30L of water.

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[Net Content]Bottle 500ml/Refill 450ml
[Use ]Washing of Cotton, Linen, Synthetic fibers, wool, and silk fabrics
[Directions for Use]5ml detergent for every 30L of water (3kg of laundry) / 7 to 8ml detergent for every 60L of water (6kg of laundry)
[All Ingredients]etergent ingredients (surfactant amount) : Alcohol ethoxylates (non-ionic) 9%, Coconut oil fatty acid ethanolamide (MEA) 7% / Fragrance : Lavender Essential Oil 1% / Other : reverse osmosis water 83% (No Additives added)
A biodegradable detergent, using plant-derived cleaning agents. (Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Corn oil)
Essential oil (Lavender Essential Oil 5ml) is used for fragrance.
Since there is no recontamination due to oils, a softening effect is achieved.
No optical brightener, and silicone-free.
Formulated for cold water (5 degrees Celsius and up). Performs cleaning effect even in Ocean water and hard water.

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  • Bottle 500ml
    2,500 yen (+tax)
  • Refill Pouch
    1,980 yen (+tax)
  • Trial Pack 5ml×2peace