New Brand


“THE “ON” T-SHIRTS” was meticulously designed from the fabric, with the goal of creating a quality shirt that can be worn under a suit or jacket. The shine and silk feel of the shirt is made possible by a special method of twining and treatment. The softness of the fabric was created by weaving a reinforced thread created by twining two strands of Indian long staple cotton thread into one. Moreover, the fabric surface is treated with a gas-singeing machine to eliminate protruding fibers. This diligent process is what creates the silk-like smoothness and crisp texture of the fabric.

This sleek, clean-cut T-shirt is meticulously tailored down to the millimeter under the supervision of stylist Daisuke Iga.

  • Form
  • History
  • Material
  • Function
  • Price
    1004‐252 200 WHITE 11XS/12S/13M/14L
    7,800 yen (+tax)
  • GRAY
    1004‐252 201 GRAY 11XS/12S/13M/14L
    7,800 yen (+tax)
    1004‐252 202 BLACK 11XS/12S/13M/14L
    7,800 yen (+tax)