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Out of the many bowls that have been created in the past, the most famous and highly praised masterpiece is the “Jitsugetsu Wan” by Rosanjin Kitaoji. The “Jitsugetsu Wan” was a collaborative piece done by Rosanjin Kitaoji and the second-generation lacquer master of Kaga-Yamanaka Nuri style Sekisai Tsuji.

The history of the Tsuji family dates back to the Edo Period. The first-generation Sekisai Tsuji took off in his career as a “Kijishi” (wood artisan). The second-generation Sekisai Tsuji became the leading artisan of “Kaga Maki-e” (Japanese lacquer decorated with gold or silver powder) and made a name for himself as a wood artisan and lacquer master. At the same time, he supervised Rosanjin Kitaoji, who was an artist and epicurean, a man of many talents, in the molding of lacquer-ware and “Maki-e”. They inspired one another and eventually co-created the famous masterpiece “Jitsugetsu Wan” in the Tsuji family studio. The lacquer tea ware created by Sekisai Tsuji has been named favorite of the “San-Senke” (the three main tea ceremony schools) and has continued to win the hearts of many tea masters up to the present fifth-generation.

We gained the full cooperation of the present age (fifth-generation) Sekisai Tsuji for the creation of “THE OOWAN”. In fact, “THE OOWAN” bowls are made by him personally. The shape is exactly the same as the “Jitsugetsu Wan” created in Rosanjin’s era, and the manufacturing process appropriates that of the original technique. The only difference is the lack of lacquered “Washi” (Japanese paper) paper-mache. The bowl is carefully handcrafted with the wood of Japanese Horse Chestnut.

Normally we would not be able to sell these bowls at this price. However, these limited edition bowls were made possible through the support of present generation Sekisai Tsuji.

*It is commonly thought that lacquer-ware is high in maintenance. However, alike most regular tableware, it can be washed using a sponge and dishwashing liquid (no abrasive cleansers). Do not place directly on fire or use in a microwave, oven, or dishwasher.

  • Form
  • History
  • Material
  • Function
  • Price
  • Black Wood type: Japanese horse chestnut
    30,000 yen (+tax)
  • Vermilion (Red) Wood type: Japanese horse chestnut
    30,000 yen (+tax)