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THE Pajamas

All of us spend about a third of our time sleeping.
THE Pajamas endeavors to be a highly functional yet extremely comfortable garment that you can wear for long periods of time.
The material of choice for our pajamas is silk.
As a natural functional material, silk is gentle to the human skin and can regulate its moisture and temperature.
The secret lies in the structure of textiles woven from silk.
When weaving strands of highly porous silk fibers together, the resulting textile has excellent water absorption properties and is quick to dry. It also possesses superb heat retention properties due to the large volume of air trapped within its gaps. Garments produced from silk can be worn throughout the year as they are highly versatile: in summer, they do not feel sticky and exerts a cooling effect, while in winter, they retain heat without feeling too dry.
Furthermore, silk that is spun from the cocoons of silkworms is a protein fiber whose composition of amino acids resembles that of human skin. For this reason, silk is the ideal material for people with sensitive skin, as well as those suffering from atopic dermatitis and have dry skin.
With a fiber diameter of only 0.0075 mm, silk is also known for its fineness. It is about twice as fine as cashmere (diameter of 0.015mm), a material that is known for being extremely thin.
Unlike synthetic fibers manufactured from chemical processes, most natural fibers have very short fiber lengths. However, silk is the only natural fiber that is a single continuous strand of fiber as it is produced from the body of silkworms. As such, silk fabrics are light, extremely fine, and fuzz-resistant.
The fabric of THE Pajamas is knitted from 100% silk, which results in a material as elastic as those found in sports jerseys. While it costs a little more because each pair of pajamas is woven from twice as much silk as threads used in ordinary fabrics, the pajamas is extremely soft to the touch and does not cling uncomfortably to your body. It is recommended that you wear these pajamas directly over your bare skin.
Our fabric is produced by HASEGAWA Corporation, which is the first Asian company to have exhibited in Pitti Filati, an international knitwear event held in Italy, and has received numerous supply requests for its yarns from luxury brands all over the world. Based in Ichinomiya City of Aichi prefecture, HASEGAWA Corporation is a natural fiber manufacturer that specializes in silk materials, and takes charge of every step in the production process from dyeing, spinning, to knitting.
We use this silk of extraordinary quality to produce our pajamas, which will give you a feeling of ultimate comfort the moment you put them on.
Size chart  
S Length 66 Chest 104 Sleeve Length 52
M Length 70 Chest 110 Sleeve Length 54
L Length 74 Chest 116 Sleeve Length 56
S  Waist 58〜100 Length 65 Bottom Width 20
M Waist 62〜104 Length 70 Bottom Width 21
L Waist 66〜108 Length 72.5 Bottom Width 21.5
※As rubber is used for the waistline of our pajamas, values may fluctuate within the range.

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  • History
  • Material
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  • Price
  • NAVY×NAVY S lot:1
    58,000 yen+ tax
  • NAVY×NAVY M lot:1
    58,000 yen+ tax
  • NAVY×NAVY L lot:1
    58,000 yen+ tax
  • NAVY×WHITE S lot:1
    58,000 yen+ tax
  • NAVY×WHITE M lot:1
    58,000 yen+ tax
  • NAVY×WHITE L lot:1
    58,000 yen+ tax