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What elements make a plate “The” plate?

  1. The plate must be suitable for any type of cuisine, whether it is Japanese, Chinese, or any type of western cuisine.
  2. The plate must make the food look appetizing.
  3. The plate must be easy to use with other plates with varying sizes.
  4. The plate must be easy to store.

To make it suitable for serving any type of food, the rim of the plate was to removed, creating a primitive and humble form.

Western plates have rims around the edge for the convenience of serving the food. However, we believe that the plate used regularly for homemade cooking is worthy of calling “THE” plate.

Upon investigating the ideal height of the plate, we came to a conclusion that 18.7mm to the top lip was the ideal height that is easy to handle, and is tall enough to prevent the contents from spilling without being excessive. Since all of the plates come in the same height, food can be served smoothly from one plate to another.

In order to figure out the ideal curvature of the edge of the plate, we began analyzing various cutlery sets that are recognized as standard masterpieces. As a result, we discovered a constant rule for the curvature of spoons shared amongst all of these cutlery sets. This curve is “the curve” of all spoons. We decided to match the curvature of the plate with the curvature that of the masterpiece spoons. With the spoon and plate having the same curvature, it makes the user able to scoop up the food to the very last bite. As plates do not function without the food on top, cutlery is meaningless without the food on the plate. By researching the products surrounding the plate, “THE PLATE” itself was born.

The size variations were derived from a system that us Japanese people are very familiar with: the international ISO paper size. When buying storage units, the sizes often come in variants of ISO A or B (e.g., A4, B5). Therefore, not only can the plates be stacked in the cupboard, but also organized and stowed into plastic crates primarily used for storing paper documents.

“THE PLATE” is manufactured by Maruhiro Inc, producing the ceramics brand “Hasami” based in Hasami city, Nagasaki Prefecture, which is also known to be one of the main production centers of tableware from the Edo period.

  • Form
  • History
  • Material
  • Function
  • Price
  • WHITE A6 Size (105mm in diameter)
    800 yen (+tax)
  • WHITE A5 Size (148mm in diameter)
    1,300 yen (+tax)
  • WHITE A4 Size (210mm in diameter)
    2,000 yen (+tax)
  • WHITE B4 Size (257mm in diameter)
    3,000 yen (+tax)
  • WHITE A3 Size (297mm in diameter)
    4,200 yen (+tax)