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The pocket chief is a very handy men’s fashion accessory, yet it is not always the easiest to shop for. While it being a versatile item that can be used both in a formal and casual setting, one may find it hard to pick out the right one.
“THE POCKET CHIEF” is made from a white, 100% linen fabric that is considered the most appropriate at a formal setting.
The pocket chief is made of genuine Flanders Linen; the highest quality linen exclusively harvested in the Flanders region (A historical region referring to a northwestern part of Belgium, and adjacent areas of France and the Netherlands) and is spun, woven, dyed and sewn in Japan.
It is made with a simple sewing technique called the cross-winding stitch that preserves the qualities of the Flanders Linen, while creating a soft texture. The dimensions of the pocket chief are 460mm x 460mm, a size that creates just enough volume while nicely fitting into the pocket.
It is the perfect gift for that special someone.

  • Form
  • History
  • Material
  • Function
  • Price
    5,000 yen (+tax)