New Brand

THE bloc memo,
History of RHODIA

With the trademark orange and black cover, the French-made simple design with a front cover that is easy to fold back; as well as the stiff and reliable back cover, the easy-tear paper that is easy to write and harder to smudge – the “Bloc Rhodia” is pronominal as “THE” memo pad of all memo pads.

When Rhodia approached us on this collaborative project, we initially hesitated - What is there to improve upon this virtually perfect memo pad? Moreover, this was the first time in the history of Rhodia to release a special edition of an existing Bloc Rhodia product.

We first decided to look into Rhodia’s history, which led us to create “THE bloc Memo, History of Rhodia” that illustrates the foundation of Rhodia. In 1932, the Verilhac brothers who came from a family of paper merchants established the company in Lyon, France. The brand name “Rhodia” comes from Rhone, a river flowing in Lyon. The Rhodia logo with two trees resembles not only the material that paper is made from, but is also symbolic of the bond between the brothers.

“THE bloc Memo, History of Rhodia” shares this story with the user in its new design. The product is packaged in a vacuumed package that includes a total of 5 pads of the 4 most popular and easy to use sizes.Available in two colors: Orange and Black.  
*Comes in a set of 5 books (Sizes A5, A6, A7, and two books of size A8)

  • Form
  • History
  • Material
  • Function
  • Price
    1104-39 200 ORANGE
    1,900 yen (+tax)
    1104-39 201 BLACK
    1,900 yen (+tax)