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THE bloc memo,
RHODIA Day & Night

With the trademark orange and black cover, the French-made simple design with a front cover that is easy to fold back; as well as the stiff and reliable back cover, the easy-tear paper that is easy to write and harder to smudge – the “Bloc Rhodia” is pronominal as “THE” memo pad of all memo pads. This collaborative project done with “THE” in March, 2013 was the first time in the history of Rhodia to release a special edition of an existing Bloc Rhodia product. For our second collaboration, we created two products with different themes: the changing of time, and travel. Both come with original stickers that can be used to personalize your own bloc memo.

There is an image of two trees on the cover of Bloc Rhodia. Gazing at the covers, we envisioned the environment and landscape surrounding the trees. The orange is connotative of the daytime landscape with the beaming sunlight. The black is connotative of the moon and stars shining in the quiet darkness of the night. These two scenes were expressed with heat-pressed gold and silver leaves.

The set is packaged in a vacuumed package that includes a book each of the orange and black memo pads in A5 size, as well as a sheet of travel-themed stickers.

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    1104-40 202
    1,900 yen (+tax)