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Scissors were invented 3,000 years ago in ancient Egypt and they were already popular in Europe during Roman times with roughly the same design as modern scissors. Although the modern scissors that we normally come across are bilaterally symmetric scissors that take into consideration factors such as manufacturability and the ability to grab them quickly without having to worry about their direction, it is believed that scissors in the West were originally bilaterally asymmetric, as emphasis was on grippability.
When we, in keeping with the history of such scissors, decided to focus on factors such as ease of use and grippability, THE SCISSORS arrived at their current asymmetric form.
By enhancing precision and cuttability through a manufacturing process known as “forging” – wherein metals are shaped through hammering in much the same way as Japanese swords – and by applying a process that gradually decreases blade thickness toward the tip known as “kensaki”, we ensure excellent cuttability even at the scissor tips, which is said to be the most difficult part to cut with. Both are techniques that can no longer be found in today's scissors, which are most often made by processing stainless steel plate.
In addition, the cutting angle of normal scissors is around 55 degrees while that of THE SCISSORS is 45 degrees. Before shipping, we check each pair of scissors by hand to make sure that they can cut through gauze, a material said to be quite difficult to cut.
Their total length is 176mm.
This is the most well-balanced size for scissors if one views handle size, blade length, and total volume in an integrated fashion.
Manufacturing is done by PLUS Co., Ltd., Japan's number one manufacturer of stationery scissors.
They were created by combining PLUS's new “Bernoulli curve blade” technology – with which users can cut from base to tip with a constant force – with the traditional processing techniques used to produce ancient scissors.
Bladed implements are often thought to bring bad luck when given as gifts, however, they are actually said to “cut away disaster and open the path to good fortune.” Even Japan's imperial household has the custom of giving swords as gifts on auspicious occasions, and in other countries, blades are said to “cut away evil.” Moreover, they have been used in a wide variety of festivals and ceremonies as auspicious and sacred objects. Using this history as the motif, THE SCISSORS come in traditional paulownia wood boxes.

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