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A soy sauce cruet by “THE”, the brand that strives to create new standards.  
The most important factor upon designing a soy sauce cruet is how to prevent unnecessary spillage. This may sound like an ordinary problem with a simple solution- actually it is not quite that simple. The cruet designs in the past, although they are elegant and beautiful, were never successful in solving this problem of preventing spillage. In order to make a ‘Cruet with zero spillage’ a reality, it was necessary to observe the spout on various types of soy sauce cruets that are currently on the market.  
The soy sauce cruet by “THE” has created a solution that prevents spillage by placing the spout on the cap, instead of the bottle. When the cruet is tilted, the soy sauce pours through a thin gap between the bottle and the cap, into the beak-like spout. The spherical attribute of the “beak” prevents the soy sauce from spilling outside of the bottle.

All of the parts are made of glass. In fact, we used “crystal glass” known for its particularly high grade of transparency. As a result, it became unnecessary to make an opening designed for screwing together the resin lid and glass bottle. And therefore, it is more hygienic and looks sleek. By also creating the lid out of glass, it is possible to see the soy sauce as it comes out of the cruet, making it easier to adjust the amount that pours out.

The size of the bottle was revised as well. Many of the soy sauce cruets on the market have been created in an era when the soy sauce was an essential condiment in the household. In the recent years, food culture in Japan has diversified, and now the soy sauce has lost its once stable position on the dining table. Consequently, with the size of the common soy sauce cruet, the content is more likely to oxidize and the quality to deteriorate by the time it is finished. The decrease in size was an essential design choice that caters to the modern Japanese food culture while simultaneously allowing one to enjoy the exquisite taste of soy sauce. With this smaller design it has become easier to ‘use up’ the content of the cruet, subsequently raising the issue of washing and cleaning. The inner bottom base of the bottle is widely filleted for easy washing and wiping. As a result of focusing on these fine details, a soy sauce cruet that always seemed to exist has finally come to existence.

The beautiful translucent finish of the cruet blends well with western and Japanese plate ware and alongside any type of dish.  

This product was created through a collaboration between THE, and Aderia glass brand by Ishizuka Glass Co., Ltd. founded in the Edo period. A selected factory that wields the techniques of Aomori prefecture’s traditional craft product “Tsugaru Biidoro” manufactures this cruet. Not only is it perfect for soy sauce, it is also great for condiments such as soy sauce, olive oil, Worcestershire sauce, and vinegar. This product is truly, the ‘most beautiful spill-proof soy sauce cruet’ ever created.

THE SOY SAUCE CRUET / Dripless Soy Sauce Cruet 01 from PRODUCT DESIGN CENTER on Vimeo.

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  • Paulownia Box
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