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From an extra chair for the unexpected guest, a footstool to reach something on a high shelf, a pedestal for a houseplant, to a side table for your bed or sofa – a compact wooden stool can be used in a variety of ways. Having a few of these in your home can be very useful.

Nevertheless, the stools need to be easily stowed without taking too much space. In order to make this possible, we created a stackable stool. Furthermore, we were particular about creating a modular stool that stacks very compactly, while maintaining its stability and beauty.

To meet the demands of the Japanese household, we downsized the scale of the stool. We investigated that 420mm is the ideal ergonomic height that would put the least amount of strain on the body.

The edges of the inner board have been rounded to acquire a safe grip for easy mobility even when the stool is flipped upside down. The stool conforms to the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) tolerating up to 130kg of weight from the top, sides, and while stacked.

The stools are manufactured by IIDAAX, a furniture and interior goods manufacturing factory located in Shimoina District of Nagano Prefecture. Made of American Red Oak, the finely crafted joinery of the stool do not use any nails. This minimalist design is suitable not only for the household, but also for schools, libraries, and other environments.

  • Form
  • History
  • Material
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  • Price
  • Oak  Size: W329 × H420 × D297 (mm)
    35,000 yen (+tax)