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THE Sweater Crew neck

This high-gauge sweater is made from a combination of cotton and cashmere and can be worn in three different seasons.
Not only is the sweater’s knitted surface beautiful, the quality of its tailoring stands out even when it is worn on its own.
The fine mesh of this knitted fabric is known as high-gauge. Among high-gauge apparel, THE Sweater is stitched with an exceptionally fine mesh of 16 GG.
Although the maximum fineness of knitted fabric is 18 GG, we have determined from our trials of knitting sweaters of different gauges using the same yarn that a 16 GG sweater strikes the optimal balance between the texture and weight of the knitted fabric, its elasticity and warmth, and of course the product’s price.
As this sweater is knitted using the basic technique of “Jersey stitch,” its production makes the most of the capabilities of knitting machines.
In particular, with respect to the reduction in the number of loops connecting the neck and arm sections of the sweater, which is the most challenging part of the production process that puts our technical skills to the test, each sweater is carefully stitched to complete the exquisite product.
We have also given due consideration to the yarn material and the blending ratio.
Priority was given to selecting a material that is comfortable and durable so that the sweater can be worn all year round.
As such, cotton and cashmere were selected for the yarn material.
By blending 85% cotton with 15% cashmere, the sweater possesses both the durability of cotton which allows it to withstand the friction of domestic laundry as well as the characteristically smooth feel of cashmere.
Production of this sweater is carried out by Wuxi Fuji Fashion Wear Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu province of China, which handles an endless stream of orders for knitwear from famous European boutiques. The delicateness of the knitted fabric and the reduced loops in the product attest to the company’s knitting capabilities which are highly regarded around the world.

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  • Price
  • Crew neck / GRAY
    1004-1154-200-11XS /12S /13M /14L /15XL
    18,000 yen+ tax
  • Crew neck / NAVY
    1004-1154-201-11XS /12S /13M /14L /15XL
    18,000 yen+ tax
  • Crew neck / BLACK
    1004-1154-202-11XS /12S /13M /14L /15XL
    18,000 yen+ tax
  • V-neck / GRAY
    1004-1153-200-11XS /12S /13M /14L /15XL
    18,000 yen+ tax
  • V-neck / NAVY
    1004-1153-201-11XS /12S /13M /14L /15XL
    18,000 yen+ tax
  • V-neck / BLACK
    1004-1153-202-11XS /12S /13M /14L /15XL
    18,000 yen+ tax