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“Hana-Fukin”(kitchencloth) by Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten, a traditional shop in Nara since 1716, comes in this new packaging produced in collaboration with THE. Made of mosquito net cloth, its large size and thinness allow it to swiftly soak up any water. Spread it out to quickly hang dry, and keep it highly hygienic.
“Hana-Fukin” made of mosquito net cloth, a Nara specialty, is a highly functional dishcloth. With two layers of mosquito net cloth sewn together, it is large and thin. Folded up, it is highly absorbent; spread out, it dries very quickly. Strong and durable, it can be used not only as a dishcloth, but also for straining Japanese soup stock, drying vegetables, and wrapping lunch boxes, etc. The more these dishcloths are washed, the softer and more comfortable to the touch they become.  

*THE KITCHEN CLOTH was developed and sold exclusively at "THE SHOP". 

*Manufacturer : NAKAGAWA MASASHICHI SHOTEN Co. Ltd. 1112-1 Tokujo-cho, Nara city, Nara Selling agency : THE Co. Ltd. Ebisu-nishi 1-31-12, 2F, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0021 Japan / Size: approximately 58cm×58cm / Material:100% COTTON / Care Instructions : Before first time use, wash thoroughly with cold or warm water to remove the glue. / When using bleach, please use oxygen based bleach.

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  • Cotton
    THE SHOP Limited
    700 yen (+tax)
  • Linen
    THE SHOP Limited
    1,000 yen (+tax)