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As the name reveals, “THE Organic Cotton T-shirts” are made of 100% organic cotton.
We use 100% of organically grown cotton from India, one of the top three cotton producing countries in the world. Using only cotton grown by a manufacturing process, which is gentle to the environment and humans, we created a silky smooth T-shirt that’s the softest out of all of the “THE T-shirts”. The fabric is specially made to stay smooth even after many washings.
The length of “THE Organic Cotton T-shirts” is 1-2cm longer than the other “THE T-shirts,” designed to make it harder to see one’s back when crouching down. At the same time, however, to prevent it from looking over-sized, it is made narrower in proportion to the length to create a slimmer silhouette. Choosing organic cotton products helps the production cycle and also supports the farmers. Normally, massive amounts of pesticides are used in growing cotton. It is said that regardless of the fact that cotton fields only make up 2.5% of farmland, 16% of the world’s pesticides is used on cotton fields. Not only is this damaging the environment, but is also hazardous to the cotton growers’ health.
On the other hand, pesticides and chemical fertilizer may not be sprayed for at least 3 years to meet the organic certification requirement. There are also traceability requirements, which means it must be possible to identify when and where the cotton was picked, spun, woven, dyed, sewn and sold. Products can only be labeled as “organic cotton” after meeting all of these criteria.
“THE Organic Cotton T-shirts” is certified Organic Content Standard 100 by Textile Exchange. “OCS 100” is an organic certification given only to products with 95%-100% organic materials and must pass the inspection for the entire manufacturing process from raw cotton to finished product.
Manufacturing is done at a garment factory in Japan, which produces their own fabrics domestically and is certified by Control Union Certifications, an organic certifying organization.

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