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Wanting to create a durable T-shirt, which unmistakably looks good when worn on its own and isn’t easily damaged no matter how often you wash it, we came up with “THE Pocket T-shirts.”
Just as we did for “THE ‘Off’ T-shirts,” one of THE’s popular products, we created our own original T-shirt starting with the fabric.The cotton fabric is woven from the waste cotton (also known as “Oldies Cotton”) of the highest-grade long staple cotton “pima Cotton”, which can only be produced in small quantities. This sturdy fabric is woven with the double knitting machine, typically used to produce outerwear fabrics.
There are three distinct ways in which “THE Pocket T-shirts” differ from “THE ‘Off’ T-shirts”.
1.Chest Pocket
As the name indicates, “THE Pocket T-shirts” have a pocket on the chest. Finding the best pocket size on a T-shirt was surprisingly challenging. If the pocket were too big, the T-shirt would look sloppy; if the pocket were too small, nothing would fit in it. The pocket on this T-shirt is designed to be wide enough to hold a smart phone. The size is just right for temporarily inserting a smart phone to free up one’s hands.
The same soft off-white fabric used for “THE ‘Off’ T-shirts” was used, but in a slightly whiter color to give a cleaner look.
3.Dimensions Although ”THE Pocket T-shirts” are the roomiest around the shoulders out of the “THE T-shirts” series, they have a well-balanced, clean-cut silhouette because they are a bit smaller around the neck, thinner on the chest, and1-2 cm shorter in length compared to “THE ‘Off’ T-shirts”.
You can wear it on its own or with a sweatshirt or knitted outerwear all year long.
From fabric development to garment manufacturing, “The Pocket T-shirts” are made in Japan.


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