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VENT NOUVEAU is a leading brand of TAKEO Co., Ltd., a specialty producer of high-quality paper. Achieving at once the natural feel of paper and the ease of printing, VENT NOUVEAU has established a new genre of paper called the “Rough Gloss,” and is a material that has become the epitome of printing paper.
We took VENT NOUVEAU, with its soft texture and glossy printed quality, and created “THE POST CARD” with luxurious foil stamping and gilt edges to preserve the paper quality.
VENT NOUVEAU’s exceptional quality lies in its raw materials and a unique manufacturing process. Just like any other printing paper, VENT NOUVEAU is made from a combination of N-pulp, made of Nadelholz conifers, and L-pulp, made from Laubholz broadleaf. It is the ratio of N-pulp to L-pulp which gives the paper its distinct features. N-pulp consists of long and thick fibers, and increasing the ratio of N-pulp will result in a stronger paper. L-pulp fibers, on the other hand, are short and thin, and a higher proportion of L-pulp results in a paper with a smooth and uniform surface. Since VENT NOUVEAU is made of a large proportion of L-pulp, it is easy to print on, and has the ability to reproduce vibrant and rich colors.
The manufacturing of VENT NOUVEAU involves cutting and mashing the pulp, followed by a beating process to fluff up the fibers for better bonding. This process typically makes dense, translucent paper. Overdoing this, however, takes away from the paper’s natural feel and texture, and results in a flattened, even texture which is similar to tracing paper. With VENT NOUVEAU, the beating process is perfectly controlled to ensure that gaps are left between the fibers. VENT NOUVEAU translates to “New Wind” in French, and as the name suggests the paper is thick, yet contains ample air that creates a light texture.
The letters are printed in a process called foil stamping to convey an impression that cannot be reproduced with normal ink printing. Foil stamping is a process in which foil is stamped into the paper with a heated die and adhesive. Unlike printing ink on the surface of the paper, foil stamping bonds the materials together so that the appearance of the print is not affected by the color and texture of the paper itself. Foil stamping on a thick and cushiony sheet of VENT NOUVEAU creates a deep-set, pressed effect, giving it a refined, elegant feel.
The edges of the paper are painted with gold leaf in a process known as gilding. This technique has been used historically to protect the top and side edges of precious books from insects and dirt, allowing the books to be preserved and to extend their lives. In gilding, sheaves of paper are pressed together, and the edges are carefully filed with a fine sandpaper. After painting the edge with a dye undercoat, an adhesive is applied, followed by the gold leaf. Once dry, the gold leaf is bonded to the edge with pressure. At Bihaku Watanabe, this process is almost entirely done by hand. The company is an expert across a wide variety of paper processing techniques, a professional organization who continuously takes up new initiatives and challenges .
“THE POST CARD” combines high-quality paper with traditional paper processing techniques to enhance and enrich personal messages with quality and elegance.
*"I AM IN TOKYO" , "JUST MARRIED" and "I LOVE YOU" was developed and sold exclusively at "THE SHOP".

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