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THE SHIRTS Botanical dye

What everyone looks for in a white shirt is the look of freshness.
A white shirt that makes you look fresh, intelligent, and serves as a reliable go-to when conflicted on what to wear – that is the ideal top that everyone wants to keep in their wardrobe.
The aim of “THE SHIRTS” was to create the “trump card of shirts” that is casual but spiffy, making it appropriate in various occasions. This simple, yet beautifully tailored unisex shirt gives the wearer a clean impression.
The Oxford fabric is made from Supima Cotton (considered as the “Cashmere of Cotton fabrics) that has a thread on the weft that is twice the thickness than that of which used on the warp. This soft and breathable fabric is then washed to give the textile a smooth texture that is pleasant on the skin. The width of the garment is slimmed, and length shortened to pull off a casual coordination with the shirt un-tucked, and/or without a tie.
To maintain good shape retention, a plush interlining commonly used for high-class dress shirts is used in the collar and wrist. The plush interlining is considered to require a high level of craftsmanship to sew, but has an ideal stiffness that is comfortable to the neck and wrist.
The button is made of a Takase Shell that is durable to heat and less susceptible to warping. Moreover, a shell button is considered easy to hook and less likely to slip out of its hole. In order to make the buttons even easier to hook and unhook, they are attached with a technique called “Zampa di Gallina” (‘Chicken feet’ in Italian) in which the button is stitched diagonally, resembling a bird footprint. This method of button stitch is rare in Japan, due to the lack of capable machinery.
Additionally, the thread is wrapped several times underneath the button to elevate the height of the button. However, the wrap is more likely to unravel when this process is done with machinery, so the process is diligently hand sewn. The ‘Eyelet’ buttonhole on the shirt is most commonly used for jackets and outerwear. The round end of the hole allows for the button to be easily done and undone.
These particular details that make up “THE SHIRTS” requires a very high level of craftsmanship.
In order to make this shirt possible, the fabrication was outsourced to HITOYOSHI Co., Ltd, a Kumamoto prefecture-based company that manufactures high-class shirts of brands across the globe.
“THE SHIRTS” is a quality shirt that is comfortable, easy to wear, and appropriate for all occasions.
Available in three sizes (Small, medium, and large). Size small is tailored for women.
“THE SHIRTS Botanical dye” are made by a special process in which, after sewing, the entire shirt—originally white—is dyed, producing original coloration patterns not just in the fabric, but also the threads and buttons.
The term “botanical dyeing” refers to the use natural dyes made from plant flowers and leaves, bark, roots, fruit, or minerals. Special dyeing techniques are employed to minimize color loss.
Generally, natural pigments do not fix well, and as a result, colors tend to fade when the fabric is washed. However, with “botanical dyeing”, a protein-based glue is used to bind the fabric and the dye together, boosting the dye’s staying power. By introducing small amounts of synthetic dye to the formula, it is possible to increase the vibrancy of the colors, and the blending of pigments contained within the two different kinds of dye—each with its own unique properties—produces a distinctive complexity and depth of color.
The main ingredient in the natural dye used for these shirts is the mineral lapis lazuli.
Lapis lazuli was used to produce the bright blue color of the turban in the masterpiece of 17th century Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, “The Girl with the Pearl Earring.” Today, the fact that it sells for the same or a higher price than gold speaks to its rarity.
Using modern dyeing techniques, we’ve created a shirt of an even deeper blue than that of the lapis lazuli beloved by many for centuries.

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  • LIGHT BLUE  Size: S/M/L/XL
    1004-0365-201 12S/13M/14L/15XL
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