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THE Sweat Zip up Hoodie

Soft, stretchy, and holds up well even when washed.
When we thought of making THE sweatshirt, the first thing that came to mind was a loopwheeled fabric.
This loopwheeled fabric is made in Wakayama Prefecture, famous for its loopwheel machines. They are said to be some of only a few hundred in existence.
A loopwheel machine is an old type of knitting machine that knits fabric loosely, like hand-knitting, without applying strong force to the thread. Its low production efficiency is offset by how the fabric it produces is durable, does not wear out, and becomes even softer with each washing.
Nowadays, there are fewer loopwheel machines than before, but most of the sweatshirts produced until the mid 1960s, now called vintage sweatshirts, were made of this fabric. Even decades later, these sweatshirts continue to fascinate their fans as secondhand items, which is a testament to their high durability and good quality.
The loopwheeled fabric of THE Sweat Crew neck Pullover and THE Sweat Zip up Hoodie uses American Pima Cotton. By twisting its threads as much as possible during spinning, we are able eliminate diagonal skewing and create special thread with great flexibility.
In other words, we maintain the natural condition of the cotton by not applying too much force to the material from as early as the thread-making stage.
Maruwa Textile Industries Co., Ltd., is a well-established, 60-year-old cut-and-sewn maker specializing in sewing and pattern research. Maruwa's business started with underwear. Maruwa is acclaimed for its sewing technology and its unique pattern research that enabled fabric to adapt to the movement and posture of the body. As a result, in 2010, their products were selected by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to be used as the clothing worn aboard spacecraft.
Applying this research and sewing techniques, we have been designing clothes that, while simple in appearance, the best comfort that do not wear out.
We are creating a universal shape, a fabric whose feel stays the same forever.
We have now completed THE Pullover and Hoodie, whose functions have evolved slightly beyond where we were.

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  • GRAY
    1004-0907-200- 11XS/12S/13M/14L/15XL
  • NAVY
    1004-0907-201- 11XS/12S/13M/14L/15XL
    1004-0907-202- 11XS/12S/13M/14L/15XL