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The essential qualities of "THE TOWEL" are: the ability to quickly absorb moisture, and to softly envelope the body with a supple touch.  
To realize this, THE TOWEL is manufactured at "Imabari," Japan's top towel production center with world's leading technologies. The material is "Supima Cotton," known for its finest quality.  
Cottons with longer staple lengths are ranked with higher quality. "Supima Cotton" is a premium cotton with staple length of over 35mm, grown in Arizona and south western regions of the USA. These cottons are highly absorptive, with gentle, supple softness and silk-like sheen. Of all the cottons produced in the world, only a small percentage of them are allowed the name "Supima," making them a very rare and premium material.  
While deciding on how to make a towel out of this material, we realized on a truth: that an ideal towel differs greatly between men and women. Many women seek towels that are supple, absolutely soft and gentle on the skin, that can absorb water with the lightest touch.  
"THE TOWEL: WHAT A WONDERFUL TOWEL for LADIES" is a towel filled with comfortable qualities that many women might enjoy. Fibers are usually twined together to make a durable yarn. This towel employs a special spinning technique called "compact spinning" to control naps, with "softly twisted" yarns for a light softness while retaining durability. Absorptive, quick-drying and lightweight hollow yarns are used for the ground weave to make the towel lighter and easier to dry. The short hems are kept to a minimal length so that the softness of the towel can be fully enjoyed.  
The result is a towel with a silky touch and fluffy softness, and ideal for many ladies.  
The manufacturer is FUJITAKA CO., Ltd., Japan's top towel maker with a century of history, who holds the largest domestic share within Imabari.

  • Form
  • History
  • Material
  • Function
  • Price
  • THE TOWEL for LADIES(with box)   68cm×140cm
    10,000 yen +tax
  • THE TOWEL for LADIES         68cm×140cm
    9,000 yen +tax
  • THE FACE TOWEL for LADIES(with box)  34cm×80cm
    4,500 yen +tax
  • THE FACE TOWEL for LADIES       34cm×80cm
    3,800 yen +tax