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In pursuit of the “ideally shaped bowl” we conducted rigorous research of a couple hundred types of bowls, as well as ordering and analyzing over a hundred bowls. The smooth curvature of the bowl that fits perfectly in the user’s hand makes it easier to wash and difficult to scratch up. The lid is designed not only to look elegant when the bowl is covered, but also be practical to use as a small platter.

Manufactured by Shitsurindo based in Fukui prefecture, the bowls were handmade with their traditional methods that do not rely on chemical preparations. Domestically grown Catalpa is crafted by a wood artisan from Echizen using the “Rokuro biki” technique where he places the wood on a lathe and carefully shapes the bowl with a “Kanna” (Japanese plane). The 3 parts of the bowl, “Mitsuke”, “Uwabuchi”, and “Koudai” (6 parts including the lid) have been treated using a technique called “Nunokise”. This process is used to strengthen thin parts by covering the wood with fabric and makes it harder to break or crack the wood. The lacquer base is finished off by the “Honkataji” technique to produce the strongest base coat. Instead of spraying on the topcoat, each bowl has been carefully coated by hand using the “Hakenuri” technique. This entire process requires 8 months to complete.

“THE WAN” is repairable even if it breaks or cracks. Since the damages are fixed at the base rather than just painting the lacquer over the damaged area, longevity in use is guaranteed.

*It is commonly thought that lacquer-ware is high in maintenance. However, alike most regular tableware, it can be washed using a sponge and dishwashing liquid (no abrasive cleansers). Do not place directly on fire or use in a microwave, oven, or dishwasher.

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  • Price
  • Black Wood Type: Catalpa
    25,000 yen (+tax)
  • Vermilion (Red) Wood Type: Catalpa
    25,000 yen (+tax)