We study the past,
 Think about the present,
 and Create the future.

The result of life and genetics has reached
 its optimum form through a repetition of birth,
 evolution, and natural selection–acquiring along the way
 a countless number of beloved,
 yet futile characteristics.
 The multitudes of products that have been produced
 throughout history have also evolved
 through a similar cycle of being loved, fading away,
 and changing forms.

Today, a certain desire has begun to stir within us.
 It is a desire for products that can be considered
 as the epitome of an object.

For example, it can be stated that
 the epitome of “the jeans” is the Levi’s 501.
 However, this concept of “the …” has not yet
 been established with most other types of products.

To set new standards for products and create
 “THE” product.
 To raise the yardstick for things considered as
 “THE” standard.
 To create a product that is genuinely worthy of calling it
 These are the factors we emphasize in our creative process.

We would like to invite you to incorporate some of
 the newly born “THE”-s in your life.