New Brand


For use on carpets to wooden floors, the adhesive cleaner, “COLOCOLO” is handy for a quick daily clean up. This time, THE collaborated with Nitoms, Inc. of the Nitto Group Company, creators of the world’s first adhesive cleaner of this kind. “COLOCOLO,” which is now a household name in Japan, is Nitoms’ registered trademark. Nitoms takes pride in manufacturing products featuring its top-class adhesion technology. Its leading product, “COLOCOLO” celebrated the 30th anniversary of its release in 2015. “COLOCOLO” adhesive tape rolls have sold a grand total of 400 million, since its release in 1985.

When creating “THE COLOCOLO BY NITOMS,” we came up with 3 new ideas to emphasize its technological capabilities.

First is the pattern on the adhesive tape. The cute red x white, blue x white stripes are not just for decoration. It is also functional: the design makes it easier to check for debris picked up whether it is light-colored like lint or dark-colored like dust.

Second is the structural design of the storage case. We developed the new “slide it into the core” storage method—a technique, which surprisingly had not yet been used. Other adhesive cleaners on the market had issues with the adhesive tape sticking to the case when trying to put it away. “THE COLOCOLO BY NITOMS” resolved this problem by positioning a rod on the inside of the case, which could slide into the core of the adhesive tape roll. This design and technique prevent the adhesive rolls from sticking to the inner part of the case, allow the cleaner to stand on its own horizontally and vertically, and make it easy to carry around in the case.

Third is its user-friendliness—something we gave a lot of attention to. The shorter handle design, which fits in the palm of one’s hand, makes it is easier to control smaller movements. Because the case stands up independently, and the handle is short, it takes up very little storage space.

Try it and you will see what a difference this meticulous and easy-to-use adhesive cleaner makes.

  • Form
  • History
  • Material
  • Function
  • Price
  • Body (with an adhesive tape)
    1,980 yen (+tax)
  • Refill tape (2 tapes)
    800 yen (+tax)