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Feel a sense of security knowing your hands have been thoroughly cleaned.
We believe that wet tissues, first and foremost, must clean off surfaces.
What sets “THE WET TOWEL” apart from other wet tissues is its ability to “disinfect” surfaces. This is possible because its formulation contains a disinfecting solution. Unlike the common “anti-bacterial” wet tissues that can wipe away bacteria to a certain extent, “disinfecting” wet tissues are not only effective in removing bacteria, but also in killing germs and reducing the number of bacteria to the point of harmlessness.
Since it can even kill bacteria known to be causes of food poisoning, such as staphylococcus, salmonella, and E.coli, “THE WET TOWEL” can be trusted for various uses, including wiping one’s hands before mealtimes when outside of the home. Approved as a quasi-drug, the formulation contained by “THE WET TOWEL” as well as the bottles and packaging meet the disinfectant criteria according to the standards of the Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare.
The name, “THE WET TOWEL” was chosen to represent the carefully designed thick tissues made of 100% plant-derived materials. Each sheet has a three-layered structure with a highly absorbent pulp sandwiched between layers of long-fibered rayon. This structure leads to high moisture retention and makes the sheets harder to tear. “THE WET TOWEL” is manufactured by The Sanwa Seishi Co., Ltd. Group who makes many high quality products out of non-woven fabric, incorporating the paper making technique of “tosawashi”.

Since the disinfection solution contained in “THE WET TOWEL” is safe even if hands are placed in the mouth after use, it is suitable for young children. The use-by-date is approximately 3 years, as long as the packaging is unopened and stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight. It is also handy for keeping in emergency kits.
* This product contains alcohol. Do not use on varnished or painted surfaces, plain wood, wallpaper, styrene products, leather products etc.
bottle type seat size:140mm×200mm 75seat
pocket type seat size:150mm×200mm 14seat × 3pears

  • Form
  • History
  • Material
  • Function
  • Price
  • pocket type 14seat × 3pears
    800 yen +tax
  • bottle type 75seat
    900 yen +tax
  • Refil type 75seat
    850 yen +tax