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Mouthwash is used for oral care and personal etiquette.
While a mouthwash’s effectiveness is certainly important, it is hard not to be concerned about the ingredients we put in our mouths.
“THE MOUTHWASH” was created through a joint project between THE and mash beauty lab Co., Ltd., which manages Cosme Kitchen, a retail store that carries organic cosmetics.
“THE MOUTHWASH” is 100% plant-based.7 types of emollients, including soapnut and calendula flower moisten the mouth, while the flavor from menthol and spearmint essential oil leaves the mouth naturally refreshed. Since “THE MOUTHWASH”is alcohol-free, it can also be used by children.
Although mouthwashes are most commonly used after brushing and following meals, “THE MOUTHWASH” is most effective when used before brushing. Because it helps lift and remove debris from the teeth and mouth, there is no need to brush forcefully when brushing after swishing and spitting 5-10mL of “THE MOUTHWASH” for about 20 seconds. Even after rinsing out the debris with water, the teeth are coated by the mouthwash. This reduces tartar buildup by preventing the teeth from getting dry.
We recommend using “THE MOUTHWASH” with “THE TOOTHBRUSH by MISOKA” a toothbrush designed to be used with water for clean and smooth teeth. By dipping “THE TOOTHBRUSH by MISOKA” into a cup of “THE MOUTHWASH” and allowing the liquid to be absorbed by the bristles, the nano mineral coating technology of the toothbrush gives the teeth a glass-like polish. At the same time, “THE MOUTHWASH” effectively prevents bad breath and cavities, and helps maintain healthy white teeth.
This is what we can truly call “THE” oral care.
[Net Content] 300mL
[Directions] With 5mL-10mL of mouthwash swish for about 20 seconds and spit out.
Brush as usual. One capful is approximately 10mL.
[Ingredients] Solvent: Water, BG (Sugar cane etc.)
Moisturizing ingredients: Glycerin (coconut, palm tree etc.), Sorbitol (corn, potato etc.), hibiscus flower extract, fennel extract, calendula flower extract, sapindus trifoliatus (soapnut) extract, sweet leaf extract
Flavoring ingredients: spearmint oil, teatree oil, clove oil, menthol (mint etc.)
Solubilizing agent: polyglyceryl-10 myristate (coconut, palm tree etc.)
Cleansing agent: caprylicacid glyceryl (coconut, palm tree etc.)
pH balancing ingredients: citric acid(corn, sugar beet etc.), sodium citrate (sweet potato, corn etc.)

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