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“THE SHEA BUTTER” is 100% natural organic shea butter that melts into oil the moment it touches one’s skin.
Only a limited number is made and sold each year using shea nuts collected that year.
These shea nuts come from shea trees that grow only in the Nile Basin, hence the name “Nilotica (Nile River’s) nut.”
One distinctive feature is its more subtle scent compared to the West African shea butter that’s more widely spread around the world.
Also, because it contains high levels of oleic acid, it melts quickly, does not oxidize easily and has excellent skin penetration.
Its softness is worthy of special mention. Most shea butter tend to become hard; however, since “THE SHEA BUTTER” melts as soon as it touches the skin, even small amounts can be spread and blended in well, leaving the skin extremely moist.
We were very particular about the ingredients and the process by which it is made. Since we only collect from wild shea trees, it is naturally pesticide-free. No chemicals are ever used, and time and effort are spent on pressing and extracting only a small number at a time. Because it is made with unrefined organic shea oil, it is safe to use on children and people with sensitive skin.
Organic shea oil is also used for cooking in this region, and therefore, it is safe even if it gets into one’s mouth. Its subtle soft scent comes from high quality natural lavender essential oil that is certified organic by ECOCERT GREENLIFE, a world standard organic certification body. With super moisturizing effects and plenty of vitamin A and vitamin E, it is not only good for hands and fingers, but also for lips, face, hair and body; it can be used as an all-over moisturizer.
In addition, by collecting raw materials and processing in Uganda, “THE SHEA BUTTER” contributes greatly to the reconstruction of Uganda, which still suffers from the aftermath of the Civil War.

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