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The Stain Remover

“The Stain Remover,” a laundry bleach pre-treatment, is gentle on clothing and friendly to the environment and our bodies. One of its distinguishing features is that it can be used on cotton, linen, synthetic fibers, silk or wool and on whites or patterned fabrics.
All you need to do is spray it onto the stained area, wait for 10 minutes and throw it in the washing machine with your other clothing. It works well on removing yellow body oil stains on collars and sleeves.
It is manufactured by “Ganko Hompo,” who are the creators of “The Laundry Detergent,” popular for its eco-friendliness. It is a 100% plant-derived cleaning agent, which includes, palm, coconut, corn, tapioca, potato, rapeseed, soy bean, rice plant, sweet potato, rice bran, etc.
Hydrogen peroxide is effective in removing bacteria, deodorizing, and bleaching. Commonly used to disinfect wounds, hydrogen peroxide is an eco-friendly chemical compound and 100% of it breaks down into harmless water and oxygen in the environment.
“The Stain Remover” can be used to remove a wide range of stains including grease. Using it with “THE Laundry Detergent” prevents clothing from becoming dirty again inside the washing machine. *Spraying immediately after the garment is stained will increase its effectiveness.  

[Product Name]: Bleach for Clothing [Ingredients]: Hydrogen peroxide (oxygen bleach), surfactant [alkylamine structure (non-ionic detergent), coconut fatty acid alkanolamide (MEA used)] hydrogen peroxide stabilizer, (sodium silicate), biodegradable sequestering agent, pH regulator, (sodium hydroxide, citric acid), fragrance (citrus fruit peel oil), water (includes purified water)

Leaving the spray on for 10 minutes allows the hydrogen peroxide to react, disinfect, and deodorize.  

Stain removal tips
After checking that the liquid has saturated the stained area, gently pinch the fabric around the stain using both hands and rub. For faster results, machine wash using warm water, as opposed to cold water. However, don’t use warm water on silk, wool or fabric with bloodstains.

Do not use on the following
-Fabrics dyed with metal complex dyes -Clothing accentuated by shiny metal parts -Things that will discolor (See color fastness test) Color fastness test: Spray on inconspicuous area, wait 5 minutes before washing it off. If color washes off or comes off when you tap it with a white cloth, do not use.

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  • Bottle 250ml
    2,300yen (+tax)
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